MAC BETON is a universal machine of application for cement mortar, made by stainless steel made for traditional premixed concrete, mortar, walls, levels and cement. Such products are to be pre-knead with cement mixer, continuous kneading machines or mixing machines.A vibrating assessment can be added to this machine. It is easy to use and to transport by any surface as it has pneumatic wheels. It can be dismantled in many pieces and so it becomes very easy to move. The mechanical or electrical spare parts can be found in any specialized shop.

Mac Beton is also provided with a remote control which lets you turn it on and off according to its use. It is better not to use products which sizes are over 10 mm.

The 230/380 v version is also available by adding to the 130 v version an additional electrical frame of 380 v.

Tecnical Features

  • Power 230v, 380v and 230-380v
  • Capacity 3, 4.5, 7.5 cmh
  • High up to 25 m up to 35m
  • Air Pressure from 10 to 50 bar
  • Pump Motor-Reduction 170rpm, 4Kw
  • Rotary Compressor 265 L/min, 0,55Kw
  • Vibrator 1500 rpm, 0,11 Kw
  • Total Weight 150 – 175 Kg

Standard Equipment

  • 30 m mortar pipe 35 x 49 (40 atm)
  • 30 m air pipe 12 x 19 (10 atm)
  • 30 m electrical wire

Maintenance and cleaning service set.

Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF