LINE PRO road marking pumps

LINE-PRO is an airless diaphragm pump, self-contained, gas engine, very strong and handy pump. With LINE-PRO is very easy to mark lines for parkings, curves, cycles track, etc. This linemarker is used for all kind of traffic signs jobs. When required, LINE-PRO becomes an airless pump for spraying walls, doors, tools. LINE-PRO is ideal both in the industry and local governments, who can handle many different jobs with one only unit.

Construction specifications

LINE-PRO works with a strong and reliable HONDA motor HP 4. The airless system allows to mark perfect lines with the normal paint (not abrasive) used for directional separator. The operator can easily control the spraygun by a lever on the handle. When required, LINE-PRO becomes an airless unit, self-contained.

It sucks the paint directly from container. Tungsten carbide valves. Paint body with corrosion-proof treatment.


  • The easiest system for line marking
  • Multifunctional: line marking or paint spraying
  • Easy to use
  • Suction directly from container
  • Tungsten carbide valves
  • All parts in contact with paint are corrosion-proof treated
  • Glass powder kit on request
  • Working in accordance with latest European Union rules
  • Trolley with pneumatic wheels

Destination’s field

  • Parking lines
  • Industrial signaletics
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Guard-rail painting


  • Paint
  • Latex
  • Water based products
  • Not abrasive paints

Suggested guns

  • Airless P 500 TOP GUN
  • Airless T 45 gun
  • Airless T 65 gun


  • Motor Type: Gas Engine, HONDA
  • Power: 4 HP
  • Weight: 40 Kg
  • Max. Pressure: 200 Bar
  • Free Delivery: 4 lt/min
  • Max. Spray Tip .021


  1. Second gun kit includes, tubing, Airless gun, hose, tips, trigger assambly and all hardware required to hook-up the existing LINE-PRO. The maximum tip size when using two guns at the same time is .017. It is recommended to use .015 tips which will last longer.
  2. ROTATING WHEEL KIT: Locks in forward position and has remote trigger control. For custom circle locking, a manually operated knob locks to any angle required.
  3. Glass bead kit: Taiver dispenser is designed to apply glass bead onto wet traffic paint. The system comes with a 6 ltr. capacity hopper, one 4 dispenser head, and all fittings, hoses and hardware required for operation.
  4. This is a gravity system which requires no air or any other power source. The dispenser is mounted direcly behind the spray gun. When the gun is actuated, the bead dispenser door opens simultaneously with the gun.
  5. A shower of beads the width of the dispenser is then deposited onto the wet paint line. The amount of beads dispensed is easily adjusted using only a screwdriver.
Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
LINE PRO road marking pumps