3200 P

3200 P is an airless pneumatic pump especially used in the small industry and handicrafts. 3200 P is ideal for spraying lakes, paints, polyurethans, for furniture polishing. This airless pneumatic pump works with a pneumatic motor Taiver patented, which doesn’t need any lubrication and has no ice problems. The instant volumetric reversal of the motor allows a constant flow without pulsations.

The airless system

The Airless system allows a big reduction of overspray with three important advantages: paint saving, high working speed, envirenmental protection.


3200 P with a ratio 26:1 and a delivery of 18 cm3 per cycle. The air motor, instant volumetric reversal (Taiver patented) allows a constant atomizing pressure and a high quality finishing.

Light and handy to use, 3200 P has no ice problems and the air motor can work in every place without lubrication.

Construction specifications

3200 P uses an avant-garde technology. The pneumatic motor, instant volumetric reversal, TAIVER patented, works without lubrication and has no ice problems. The pump cylinder has a special hardening treatment, which allows a longer life of pumps. Adjustable upper packing, tungsten carbide valves.

Destination’s field

  • Joinery works
  • Mechanical industry
  • Carpentry
  • Framer
  • Third party painting


  • Paint
  • Thixotropic products
  • Latex
  • Water based products
  • Industrial expoxy
  • Not abrasive paints
  • Bi-component

Suggested guns

  • Airless P 500 TOP GUN
  • Airless T 45 gun
  • Airless T 65 gun
  • T-MIX adjustable gun


  • Motor Type: Pneumatic motor instant volumetric reversal
  • Ratio: 26:1
  • Max. Spray Tip: .021
  • Weight: 14 Kg
  • Max. Delivery: 3.2 lt/min
Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
3200 P