Double diaphragm pump BOXER 24 INJECTION has been designed to inject walls. This pump together with the small compressor is a complete and efficient equipment which grant high performances.

Construction specifications

BOXER 24 INJECTION is a pneumatic double diaphragm pump built for injecting in walls all liquid or normal density products. The direct suction from container assures a constant feed to the gun.

All parts in contact with the product are built with a special anti-acid and fireproofing material.

No lubrication. Easy and fast maintenance.


  • Light and handy
  • No maintenance
  • Very low air consumption
  • No lubrication
  • Compressor 2 HP

Destination’s field

  • Building
  • Applications
  • Resin
  • Suggested guns
  • Injectors


  • Motor Type: Pneumatic motor
  • Ratio: 1:1
  • Weight: 6 Kg
  • Max. Working pressure: 8 Bar
  • Max. Delivery: 24 lt/min
  • Injections: –
  • Elevated Humidity: –


Elevated humidity levels could affect a building more than 30 years old and this can be seen by:

  • mold along the fundation
  • spalded plaster
  • appearance of condensate


Elevated humidity is due to water existing along the foundation and the construction material capacity to absorb this water.


  1. TAIVER have developed an injection system that penetrates in the wall forming a horizontal chemical barrier.
  2. This barrier prevents the capillary from raising the humidity, drying the environment with immediate benefits to the inhabitants.
  3. Moreover, it causes the removal of the signs of mold, forms a thermal isolation of the wall and permits the restoration and repairs of the plaster surface.


With a 12/16 mm, drill point, holes are drilled at 15 cm spacing. The holes are not the drilled the final 10 cm of the wall.


Place the pins inside the opening of the holes and open the tap. When the pump is operated the injection process is working.


  1. If the gauge indicates that the pressure is falling this means that there is a fissure or crack in the wall.
  2. Close the tap for the corresponding pin and continue to distribute the materials through the other injection pins.
  3. If the plaster is damaged, remove any loose plaster. Using a latex additive mortar, make a containment seal in the area of the removed plaster.
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Descarca PDF