Airless 12000 P

12000 P is an airless pneumatic pump of the new,  Taiver generation, industrial pumps, built to work continuously for a high productivity! It can also handle very thick and thixotropic products. 12000 P is ideal in the big carpentry, in the mechanical industry, shipyards, where a high productivity and the possibility of spraying continuously also water-based products are required.

The airless system

The Airless system allows a big reduction of overspray with three important advantages: paint saving, high working speed, envirenmental protection.


12000 P with a ratio 40:1 and a delivery of 61 cm3 per cycle. The air motor, instant volumetric reversal (Taiver patented) allows a constant atomizing pressure,  and a high quality finishing. Light and handy to use, 12000 P has no ice problems and the air motor can work in every place without lubrication.

Construction specifications

12000 P uses an avant-garde technology which includes two patents: The instant volmetric reversal of pneumatic motor, that means a very low pressure drop during the reversal, and the simultaneous adjustment of packings. This simultaneous adjustment, depending on the wear, allows a longer life and a better perfomance of the unit. The piston is hard chrome treated and all the parts in contact with the products are in stainless steel. Very easy maintenance. Tungsten carbide valves.

Destination’s field

  • Wood industry
  • Mechanical industry
  • Big carpentry
  • Third party painting


  • Paint
  • Thixotropic products
  • Latex
  • Water based products
  • Industrial expoxy
  • Not abrasive paints

Suggested guns

  • Airless P 500 TOP GUN
  • Airless T 45 gun
  • T-MIX adjustable gun


  • Motor Type: Pneumatic motor instant volumetric reversal
  • Ratio: 40:1
  • Max. Spray Tip: .041′
  • Weight: 28 Kg
  • Max. Delivery: 11 lt/min
Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
Airless 12000 P