Plaster pump with tank – T-Series Pump

While having all the unique features of the smaller Apla-Pump, the T-Series Pump boasts a 15-gallon reservoir which allows the finisher 50% more product to finish with between mixings. The T-Series Pump fills, mixes, cleans and textures just like the Apla-Pump. This pump comes with a tools box attached to the pump frame.

To convert into a drywall sprayer, just attach the 50 texture line and spray gun and you’re ready to texture.

  • 35 GPM water rating
  • Only 66 lbs. empty
  • Pneumatically fills all drywall tools
  • Rolls easily on pneumatic wheels
  • Mix in reservoir
  • Operates 3 Cannons at once
  • Operates with thick or thin compounds
  • Optional tube taper filler, flat box filler available.
Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
Plaster pump with tank – T-Series Pump