Mortar pump, multi purpose screw pump


In pumpable consistency or by continuous mixer ESTROMAT 404.

Pump set

Standard HD40


Conveying of pumpable liquid to pasty materials up to aggregate size 4mm: Lime-cement-render, renovation plaster, render, reinforcement plaster, adhesive mortar, plaster fillers, backfilling of door frames, self levelling masses, backfilling masses s.o.

Standard delivery

Mortar hopper 80 l, 2 rubber wheels, pumpoutlet SKM50, remote control optional by electric cable or by air hose, tool set.

Option equipment

Compressor 200l/min (400 l/min), spray guns, mortar-and air hose, mains cable, vibrating sieve, remote control cable, automatic mortar pressure switch, panmixer TM100 and TM150.

Other versions

PUTZKNECHT S30-R210-HD40 with built on compressor, PUTZKNECHT S30-R210-HD40-TM100 with pan mixer.

Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF