MAC 90

MAC 90 is a machine for application of cement mortar used for premixed concrete based on cement plaster and temperature insulating coatings. It can be used by the straight line or silo systems. It is easy to use and to transport by any surface as it has pneumatic wheels. It can be dismantled in many pieces and so it becomes very easy to move. The mechanical or electrical spare parts can be found in any specialized shop.

Tecnical Features

  • Power 380 v
  • Capacity 1250 L/h
  • High up to 30 m
  • Air Pressure from 10 to 30 bar
  • Mortar Pump Gearmotor 400rpm, 5.5Kw
  • Motor-Reductor 200rpm, 0.75Kw
  • Electrical Priming Pump 0.37Kw, 6bar
  • Membrane Compressor 265 l/min, 0.55Kw
  • Total Weight 250 Kg
  • Total Current Consumption 7.17Kw, A19

Standard Equipment

  • 15 m mortar pipe 25×37 (40 atm)
  • 15 m air pipe 12×19 (10 atm)
  • 15 m water pipe19x26 (10 atm)
  • 30 m electrical wire
  • nr 1 squirt launch

Maintenance and cleaning service set.

Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
MAC 90