MA I4YOU Monophase


The combination of tried and tested mixer/conveyor technology with completely innovative frequency generator engineering gives rise to a performance unequalled to date. Never before has it been possible to operate such a high-performance plastering machine with single-phase a.c. current. Water pump and compressor are also supplied
as standard. The machine can be operated effortlessly with up to 20 m of injection hose.

  1. Rapid disassembly and reassembly due to modular construction
  2. No annoying disruptions due to water shortage as the booster pump is supplied
  3. Low risk of frost damage due to trouble-free water drainage
  4. Clear and simple operation as all functions can be carried out conveniently from the control cabinet


How is this possible? The MAI4YOU Monophase concentrates primarily on the demands made on site by professionals on a daily basis. In tried and tested MAI quality: Time-tested technology clearly planned to the last detail, maximum reliability and additional functions and features which are by no means run of the mill.


Particularly suitable for external renders and internal plasters based on lime, lime / cement, lime / gypsum and gypsum as well as for thermal and insulating renders, renovation (damp-proofing) mortars and small areas of flowing screeds.


  • Operating voltage 230V/1/N/PE/50HZ
  • Delivery rate standard 20 l/min
  • Nominal power 7.9 kW
  • Operating pressure standard 15 bar
  • Fusing 16 A
  • Operating pressure max. 30 bar
  • Cell wheel motor 0.75 kW
  • L x W x H 110 – 73 – 150 cm
  • Spur gear motor 3 kW
  • Filling height 92 cm
  • Compressor 0.52 kW
  • Transport weight basic unit 125 kg
  • Water pump 0.53 kW
  • Mixing unit with drive 74 kg
  • Feed capacity 7 bis 20 l/min
  • Drive unit 49 kg
  • Worm pump standard LILA – ECO
  • Compressor 17 kg
  • Total weight 226 kg


  1. Hopper sturdy and replaceable protective grate positioned low to ensure a clean construction site.
  2. Frame solid and replaceable high degree of mobility thanks to its four caster wheels.
  3. Tool box practical spacious ergonomic position.
  4. Water system frost-proof: vertical position for self-draining.
  5. Operation simple, logical, user-friendly everything is done from control panel all connections located on same side.
Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
MA I4YOU Monophase