Discover the tool that is convincing everyone  rounder is better! The Radius 360° is a revolutionary drywall sanding tool, with unique side-to-side, up and down, and circular mobility. The Radius 360° features a full 9 diameter, die-cast aluminum head that makes fast work of large surface areas. The round design virtually eliminates flipping and the associated surface scratching and gouging.

The ability to change directions quickly without having to lift the pad off the wall is a huge advantage over the conventional method of sanding drywall. The detachable foam disc forms to the wall, providing a smooth, even finish. Unlike the conventional sand pole, this foam disc wears evenly, greatly increasing the life of the tool. Both the foam pad and the sandpaper utilize hook-and-loop backing, making for easy replacement.

Loop backed sandpaper firmly attaches to the foam disc, preventing debris from collecting behind the sandpaper, and eliminating a major cause of streaking.

Sanding with the Radius 360° is up to three times faster than using a conventional sand pole, with consistently superior results.

Features of the Radius 360°

  1. No flipping, skipping or scratching!
  2. 9 head covers large areas quickly.
  3. Round, pliable foam disc forms perfectly to the contours of curved surfaces such as barrel vaults, arches and domes.
  4. Eliminates hand sanding on 90° inside corners and the associated streaking from the hand-held sponge.
  5. It(TM)s easy! Hook-and-loop backing makes for quick replacement of your disc.
  6. Disc wears evenly and lasts longer.
  7. Hook-and-loop backing prevents debris from collecting behind the sandpaper, preventing uneven sanding.
  8. Perfect for sanding in between coats.Up to three times faster than a conventional sanding pole, with better results.
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Descarca PDF