The Cannon

Apla-Tech’s answer for easy drywall finishing tools starts with the ‘Cannon’. By the squeeze of the lever compounds are pushed pneumatically ‘by air’ out to the flat coaters, nail spotters, angle heads, and for the tape-on bead products with very little effort.

You can achieve a high quality finish with feathered. Save well over 100% of hand finishing time. 25% to 40% over mechanical tools finishing rime.

Features Include

  • Ergonomically designed
  • 3 standard tube. 2 to 5 tube lengths available for small to tall areas
  • Polycarbonate green tinted tube allows user to see compound
  • Cleans quickly
  • Weighs only 9 lbs. full of lightweight compounds
  • Reduces arm, shoulder, and back strain. No need to ‘push’ tool
  • Save time and money while reducing labor
  • Minimum air pressure required – 10 to 35 PSI from 3/4 HP compressor
  • Comes with a 50 3/16 air hose
Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
The Cannon