NorthStar Pump


The NS007 Pump loads joint compound into the Taper, Boxes, High-Top Boxes, Corner Box, and Nail Spotter. The Gooseneck or Filler is also required.


  1. NorthStar pumps are easier to clean than any other pump. We Promise.
  2. The pump barrel pops off with two Quick Release clamps.
  3. The upper Quick Release pin releases the pump shaft.
  4. The lower Quick Release pin releases the foot valve and screen.
  5. The NorthStar pump has advanced corrosion protection. It doesn’t corrode and seize like other pumps. A NorthStar pump that has been in the field for months is still easy to disassemble.
  6. NorthStar has a one-piece plunger system with an easy-change seal. No priming is required to start the pumping action.
  7. The pump goes closer to the bottom of the bucket than other brands, wasting less joint compound.
  8. The NorthStar pump lasts much longer if it is cleaned regularly.
  9. The NorthStar pump is the only pump that will fit the taller buckets found in some markets.

Used With

The NS009 Filler and NS006 Gooseneck.

Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
NorthStar Pump