Corner Roller NS015


Embeds the tape in corners and forces excess joint compound from under the tape. The Corner Roller is used before the Corner Box with Corner Finisher.


  1. NorthStar’s corner roller body is extruded from
  2. 6061-T6 aluminum and is precision machined to run true angles.
  3. Body ends are replaceable.
  4. The rollers are delrin with outer stainless steel wear rings. Delrin is one of the best bearing materials available for low speed applications. The rollers have a closed back to prevent joint compound caking between body and roller.
  5. The rollers run on hard-chromed bushings for durability.
  6. The rollers have play to roll a tighter corner by conforming to the walls.

Used With

Loaded with the NS004 AdjuStar Corner Box Handle or the NS034 Fixed Corner Roller Handle.

Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
Corner Roller NS015