Continuous Flow Drywall Tools

AplaTECH taping tools machine – apply paper tape and joint material while the joints of the drywall (plasterboard).

Apla-Tech presents continuos flow system for drywall, automatically operated pump airless plaster, the tape applicator AplaTECH. Apply paper tape and joint material simultaneously joints between drywall (plasterboard). It is used both for application to vertical and horizontal surfaces, but also for interior corners. Because the tools is not equipped with cable pulley, the user will not feel the force of resistance associated with other similar products that have distribution cable. The quantity of material applied to the paper tape can be enlarged or reduced to fit the desired working speed and to gauge various manufacturers of gypsum board. And most importantly, the user does not have material ready to use (the bucket) to operate the machine as grouting glat work well with the bag (previously mix with water) pumped with an airless pump which requires much less mess and waste of expensive material.

  • Taper is provided with a mechanism that pulls one strip and cut to desired size at the end of applications.
  • You can attach tubes with dimensions of 2′, 3′, 4′ and 5′ depending on requirements, from very low room (toilet or dressing) to the room with very high ceilings.
  • Maintenance costs of the car is very low because the fewer moving parts than automatic taper.
  • Cleaning is quick and easy. Removable end of the grouting machine and tube can be cleaned in a very short time. Attach this piece takes a few seconds.
  • Tape applicator can be purchased as a continuous band applicator.


  • Airless pump driven by a gun
  • Variable-sized tubes for taping machine
  • Consists of three main components (end applicator gun tube and flow control valve material applied)
  • Transparent tube


  • Without feeling the wheel resistance force distribution (operating less effort).
  • Can be used for any type of room.
  • Low maintenance, easy to maintain and clean.
  • Finishing machine only needs airless pump to have a complete set of tools.
  • Applicator used for applying the paste automatically joining the paper tape in controlled amounts, apply tape to the wall and cutting the tape to desired length.
  • It is used both for application to flat surface but also for interior corners. The material is loaded automatically from an airless spray system.
  • You need a special gun ‘in line’ for the adjustment of paste flow.
Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
Continuous Flow Drywall Tools