BAZOOKA is an horizontal continuous mixer very easy to use with the goal to get a very homogeneous mortar. This tool allows to prepare, in a cheap way, all every products mix cement based, ready mixed dry mortars into ready to use material.

The system is formed by two parts : the continous mixer and the pannel control.

BAZOOKA was developped to be connected without problems, to every container wich has a flange with a diameter of 250 mm. When the connection to the container (silos) is finished, it opens the outlet of the container to allow to the dry mortar, which is situated into its, to arrive into the mix chamber through a particular mixing cochea.

In this mix chamber, the material is mixed with the specific dose of water required to get the mortar with the consistency wanted by the customer. When the mixing process is finished, the material got must be heap in some bin which is situated down the outlet of the BAZOOKA , so it can be moved where it must be used.

The electric pannel and every components for the water are situated in a separeted unit that can be moved without problems.

BAZOOKA can be used with a remote control too.

If the customer wants to use a mortar pipe, the mixer will start, the mixer will start to work from a level indicator assembled on the pipe.

To meet the differents needsof the customers is possible to add to the machine a water pipe if, for example, the water pression of the work site isn(TM)t strong .

BAZOOKA can be taken to 3 pieces

  • Motor with a flange of 25mm
  • Mix chamber for dry mortar
  • Mixer


  1. Not much escape of material
  2. Very easy to move
  3. Great control on the machine and low cost for maintenance
  4. Very easy to wash since to clean the machine, it(TM)s necessary only to take the final part of the mixer wich contain the mixing helix
  • Dati tecnici
  • Produzione
  • Motore 3 kW
  • Pressione dell(TM)acqua 2 atm
  • Lunghezza 216 cm
  • Larghezza 220 cm
  • Imboccatura silos 250 mm
  • Peso 106 kg
Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF