The cellular cement pump

The cellular cement is a fluid cement containing air introduced as foam and it can be used as thermal and sound insulator, cement, light layer, sloping terrace, tunnel filling. The foam is a substance obtained from a foaming agent in a aqueous solution together with compressed air, it’s essential for the production of cellular cement. Instead the ‘boiaccia’ (with this word we mean a very fluid cement /water cement), it can be got using our mixing pumps.

The KIT include: water equipment, system to dose the foaming agent, electrical pannel and vertical mixer. The membran compressor is an optional. It’ll be included only if it’s inquired by the customer.

Tehnical data

  • Electrical Power 220 v
  • Total power 1 kw
  • Capacity from 6 to 20 m3 /h Dipending from the plaster machine connected
  • Total Weight 65 kg
  • Membrane Compressor 260 l/min, 0,75Kw (Optional)
  • Electrical Priming Pump 220/230 50 Hz
  • Takes up Pump Dosatron 0,7 m3/h – 3 GPM

Standard Equipment

  • 12,5 m. Spiral Pipe
  • 30 m. Water Pipe
  • 20 m. Electrical Wire
  • 1 Gun to spray
Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
The cellular cement pump