C330-100 air compressor

High performance designed for companies. The air compressor that was designed to provide companies the answer to their needs. It has all the requirements that make it an ideal tool for industry, garages and mechanics. Due to its unique performance, the compressor is suitable for activities involving the use of multiple outputs simultaneously. With a spacious 100-liter tank smooth and long work sessions without technical stops. Using new technology becomes BOXER high performance compressor and low maintenance.

Suitable for long operating cycles without overheating problems, which has 100 liter tank attached allows you to use several tools or tools simultaneously,  without being bothered by lower pressure or air flow.

  • Departures at low voltages (185 volts) with long cables,  without being prompted to enter the crash.
  • Dry pumping system does not require oil changes or costly investments in maintenance and maintenance.
  • Extendable telescopic handle and large wheels to facilitate movement and transportation.
  • Reducing noise is a plus for this air compressor.
  • Tested for 3000 hours of continuous use.
  • Departures below freezing

Dimensions (mm)

1150 x 400 x 700H

Descarca PDF
Descarca PDF
C330-100 air compressor