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About SC MSC CONINSTAL SRL started business in 2002 when the construction market because of reluctance towards new technology and intelligence was very difficult, however over 10 years of work started to show results, to manage the new technology and alternative intelligent solutions for construction sites in Romanian and regional sites (east Europe).

At this time MSC CONINSTAL company is an importer and distributor of technology, intelligent machines and advanced equipment necessary for great performance labor and quality of the civil, industrial and agricultural construction sites and is representative of the next European manufacturers of tools, machines, pumps, robots and machines high quality construction products by Trelawny SPT-May-PUMPEN, MALTECH, TAIVER, TECNO SYSTEM EDIL, Lomar, Continental, SAS ERF UNION, Gentilin, PROBST GMBH, UELZENER-UMS, (England, Austria, Italy and Germany) and producers of systems and accessories for drywall finishing products in the U.S. and Canada that APLA-TECH, NORTHSTAR, FULLCIRCLEINTERNATIONAL.

For more details please visit the manufacturers web pages to the following links:

  • manual or automated tools and accessories needed drywall finishing. Work with airless pumps and finishing drywall boards.
  • machines and pumps for transportation  traditional mortar, plaster, shotcrete pumps and machines for injected concrete, mortar or osmotic cement.
  • pneumatic conveyors,  plastering mortars machine for transport wet or dry, silos.
  • pumps, machine guns and airless paint equipment, primers, paints, washable paints, decorative plaster, application or injection produced mono or bicomponent.
  • a wide range of pumps and plastering machines for digging and special mortars or classic.
  • surface preparation tools and basic technologies such as walls, ceilings or floors.
  • tools, hand tools and accessories for finishing (polishing) plastering surfaces.
  • hand tools and accessories needed chituirii sustainable and finishing drywall cladding.
  • pumps and machines for transport, preparation and application of mortars, leveling screeds semi-humid and cellular spumogen
  • electric trowel and mechanized tools for grinding or plastered surfaces or plastering, electrical machines for cutting polystyrene, cleaning floors
  • mortar plastering machine and transport wet or dry, even for making cellular concrete screeds easy (spumogen), crusher for construction waste equipment and machinery for handling and laying of tiles, pavers, curbs and concrete pipes
  • tools and automated robots to execute finishing, compacting and leveling screeds or epoxy screed semi wet
  • professional compressor without oil belt or without maintenance for industry and sterile

In hope that there will be a desire for collaboration, the entire team will thank you for the way you have received our offer and wish you light executions.

MSC Group will welcome team.


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